George Clooney Demonstrates Value of Male Rhinoplasty

George Clooney recently donned a prosthetic nose, making his nose appear larger, while on a charity telethon with Jon Stewart for Autism.  Many of my patients have commented that it is amazing how much of a difference a nose can make in a persons looks, even Mr. Clooney’s.  In Mr. Clooney’s nose “prosthesis case”, removing the slight dorsal hump, and elevating the tip to a 90 degree angle to his lip would be all that is needed to restore his “great looks”.  Once again, this exercise demonstrates how a great nose does not draw focus and attention, but gets out of the way of other facial features such as the eyes, mouth, and jawline.  To see all of the photos of George in his nose and ear prosthesis go to: a profile! Clooney shows off his fabulous new prosthetic nose as he talks to Jon Stewart

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    If you are having any breathing problems prior to rhinoplasty, then your surgeon should diagnose the reason for your breathing obstruction.

    In many cases, the nasal septum (center divider of the nose) is deviated (crooked) and causing blockage of air. The septal deviation can be corrected at the same time as rhinoplasty.

    In other cases of rhinoplasty when the nose is made smaller, it is necessary for your surgeon to operate on the septum, making it smaller as well so as to avoid post-operative nasal breathing problems.

    Choose your rhinoplasty surgeon most carefully. Good luck and be well.

    Dr. Persky

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