Nice Sculptra Compliment

(NOT PATIENT DESCRIBED IN THIS STORY!) 4 Vials of Sculptra, 3 Sessions over 1 Year

Sculptra maintenance treatment and shared a recent story.

During the first visit to her new gynecologist she shared that she seldom gets her menstrual period anymore. Her female gynecologist showed a great deal of concern and asked her, “Aren’t you worried that you are not having regular menstrual cycles, it just isn’t right for a woman of 35 years old. We are going to have to run tests to see why this is happening.” My patient replied, “No, I am not concerned about my infrequent menstrual cycles because I am 51, not 35, but thank you very much for the compliment! I can tell you my doctor’s name if you wish.”

Natural aesthetic rejuvenation is our goal, and when a female physician mistakes a woman in her 50′s for one in her 30′s, that’s natural rejuvenation. Be well!

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