Posted September 28, 2018 in Emsculpt

Emsculpt® is the first, and currently only, FDA-approved technology that can build muscle and decrease unwanted fat in both men and women. Emsculpt® works on the abdominal muscles (the “6-pack” muscles) and gluteal muscles (the buttocks). The quick and pain-free series of treatments creates abdominal definition and lifts the buttocks, resulting in a non-surgical butt lift. Emsculpt® has been proven safe, easy, and effective in seven documented studies at 12 independent clinical test sites in the United States. There have been no reported complications from this treatment. Emsculpt® is the only non-invasive, no downtime device of its kind.

Michael A. Persky, MD is one of the first physicians in the world to offer Emsculpt® technology to his patients in the greater Southern California area. As an early adopter of Emsculpt® technology, Dr. Persky is considered to be an expert in its use. Our practice has treated many of Beverly Hills’ and Hollywood’s top models and actors. Many local athletes and celebrities from neighboring Hidden Hills, Calabasas, Malibu, Sherman Oaks, and Studio City have begun their Emsculpt® transformation.

How Does It Work?

Emsculpt® uses safe, non-invasive, high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to stimulate the nerves of the core abdominal muscles. This causes supra-maximal muscle contractions, not possible with voluntary exercise. The deep abdominal muscles contract 20,000 times during a 30-minute Emsculpt® procedure. This is the equivalent of doing 20,000 sit-ups, crunches, or squats.

The Emsculpt® treatment consists of four 30-minute sessions twice a week (two to four days apart), for two weeks. Results are often seen within one to two sessions. Studies using MRI, CT, and ultrasound to measure muscle mass and fat have proven that there is not only a 16% increase in muscle mass but, unexpectedly, preliminary research has shown that there was an additional 19% loss of fat in the abdomen.

Your Emsculpt® Treatment

At the initial consultation, we will take your medical history and examine you to determine if you are a good candidate for the treatment. Once you are medically cleared, the Emsculpt® paddles are secured over the area to be treated and electromagnetic energy causes the muscles to contract. The energy is increased anywhere from 25% to 100%. The muscle contractions should feel intense, never painful. Some patients may feel some slight soreness for one to two days after treatment, similar to how you feel after an intense workout. Patients may return to exercising immediately, though we recommend that they rest the treated area for a day or two.

Once four sessions are completed, patients are asked to return six weeks after the start of their treatment for post-treatment photos. We offer our patients an additional Emsculpt® session at that time.

Dr. Persky works with our patients to help them achieve the best Emsculpt® results possible.  This includes using two paddles on the abdomen whenever possible, personally working with our patients to encourage them to reach maximum HIFEM energy during their sessions, adding more sessions as needed, and encouraging a healthy lifestyle of continued physical activity, smart diet choices, and general body awareness.


Please feel free to contact our office at (818) 501-3223 with any questions or concerns that you may have regarding Emsculpt®, or to schedule a consultation. Be well!