Thermage Encino

Thermage was the original radiofrequency technology that was developed about 10 to 15 years ago. And it was thought, wouldn’t it be great to be able to have a technology that we can use non-invasively, on the skin, without cutting that would tighten the skin, not only the face and neck, but of the body. The problems early on with Thermage and other radio-frequency technologies were that the energy has to be transmitted from the skin on down.

So there’s bulk heating. And what happened there with that heat going down through the fat, originally there was some loss of fat early on in some of the patients. So things were modified. The energy is still transmitted through the skin on down. But the patient satisfaction rate historically with Thermage has been very low, in the 30-40% range. We’ve actually demoed it here in our office over the years, and with our patients we didn’t see much of a improvement.

There are patients that do get improvement with Thermage, and certainly we see patients come in for facelift consults who actually look a lot younger than they should. And in their history they’ll tell us they had a Thermage 10 years ago. They didn’t they it worked but we tell them, will look, it looks like something’s happened here. So Thermage is still out there.

As a radio-frequency technology. We actually prefer Ultherapy because of its precision of treating and lifting the face non-invasively.

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