I Don’t Like My Neck…Nora Eprhon is Not Alone

Posted August 24, 2020 in aging, Beauty, Blog, Face Lift, Injectables, Neck Lifting, Non-Invasive Treatments and Procedures, Non-Surgical Treatments, Profound™ Lift, RADIESSE, Ulthera

As Nora Ephron’s popular book title, “I Feel Bad About My Neck” expresses, many of our patients share her feelings about their own necks.  At some time in their late 30’s and early 40’s patients often notice changes in their neck, usually not for the good!   Neck skin begins to appear saggy and crepe […]

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When Is Eyelid Surgery Necessary?

Posted July 27, 2020 in Eyelid Lift

2 Minute Read:  Our eyes are one of our most noticeable features, so it’s only natural to want eyes that look youthful and refreshed. As we age, wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, and dark circles can develop around the eyes, making us appear older and limiting our ability to convey a full range of emotions. […]

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What Is Microneedling With PRP and Medi-Inject?

Posted April 15, 2020 in Microneedling

3 Minute Read:  Collagen induction therapy, more commonly known as microneedling, has become increasingly popular in the past few years. This procedure achieves dramatic, long-lasting results while having the benefit of being a minimally invasive procedure.  While microneedling alone produces significant improvement, the newest trend in microneedling is taking those results up a level. This […]

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Your Guide to Youthful, Refreshed Eyes

Posted March 17, 2020 in Eyelid Lift

4 Minute Read:  “Your eyes are the windows to your soul” There is little denying that your eyes are your most striking facial feature. Although their primary purpose is sight, your eyes are capable of so much more, from being able to express your innermost feelings to communicating without words. Unfortunately, wrinkles, fine lines, sagging […]

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Venus Freeze™ Vs. Ultherapy®

Posted February 14, 2020 in Venus Freeze™

3 Min Read: Over time, it is natural to experience diminishing collagen levels in the skin that affect the elasticity and youthfulness of its appearance. Factors such as the overexposure to sunlight, tobacco use, unhealthy diets, and the natural aging process will result in some degree of laxity on the face and body. Fortunately, some […]

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How Much Does Emsella Cost?

Posted December 27, 2019 in Uncategorized

Emsella is a novel FDA approved quality of life changing treatment for stress urinary incontinence in both women and men.  It also helps with urinary frequency.  A welcome “side effect” that many patients report is improved sexual health (not FDA approved.)  Emsella treatment consists of two treatment sessions of 28 minutes twice a week for […]

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How to Achieve Your Ideal Chin and a Defined Jawline

Posted December 14, 2019 in Neck Liposuction

3 Min Read   The face is an important physical feature that is typically the primary focal point when interacting with others. So it can be discouraging when we begin to notice unflattering signs of aging appearing on our faces. Losing facial definition and developing pockets of fat in stubborn areas can affect the overall […]

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10 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Neck

Posted November 25, 2019 in Neck Lifting

5 min read A firm neckline is more than just your neck skin. Nora Ephron shared a very common feeling among many of the patients that we have seen in our practice over the years in her book entitled, “I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman.” The jawline above […]

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The Emsella Story…What’s Hot From Miami Beach

Posted November 23, 2019 in Uncategorized

We just returned from South Beach where The Global Aesthetic Conference 2019 (GAC) took place. GAC is an annual gathering of top aesthetic physician and surgeon experts. I wanted to share a conversation that I had with one of my favorite people in the aesthetics world. We originally met when she was a drug company […]

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