Skin-boosting injectable treatment is the latest innovation in injectable fillers. Injectables are non-invasive options for men and women looking to improve areas of their face, and have been used safely and effectively for years. Medi-Inject is an automated digital syringe injector that precisely delivers products into the skin at a consistent depth and dose to provide patients with their best overall results. The precision of the skin-boosting dose and level are only obtainable with this unique automated injection system. A personalized injection mixture is created for each individual treatment depending on the patient’s needs.

During your Medi-Inject treatment, the injectable material is delivered through nine tiny needles to evenly distribute the injectable throughout the skin with the precision of a laser treatment. The Medi-Inject is beneficial because it allows injectable products to reach intradermally and below the dermis, allowing for optimal, long-lasting results.

Am I a Candidate for Medi-Inject?

Candidates for the Medi-Inject treatment are men and women who wish to reduce facial wrinkles, shrink their pores, tighten their skin, or create a more youthful, hydrated, glowing appearance. Patients of all ages benefit from Medi-Inject skin boosting. It is particularly nice for the treatment of neck “ring” lines that have been very stubborn and difficult to treat in the past.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Persky to determine if you are the right candidate for the Medi-Inject treatment.

What Is the Cost of Medi-Inject?

Your Medi-Inject cost depends on which injectable you are receiving as a part of your treatment, how many treatment sessions are necessary, and the amount of correction needed. During your consultation with Dr. Persky, you will receive an estimated financial plan based on your needs and goals.

What Are My Options for Medi-Inject?

The Medi-Inject works with a variety of injectable treatments to help you achieve your ideal appearance. Common injectable treatments used with the Medi-Inject include:

Is Medi-Inject Painful?

Patients are treated with a topical numbing cream for one hour prior to their Medi-Inject treatment. Medi-Inject uses nine small gauge needles to deliver the mixed product. Patients may feel a slight sense of pressure, but the treatment is very tolerable.

What Is the Recovery From Medi-Inject Like?

The recovery from Medi-Inject is minimal and requires very little to no downtime. Most Medi-Inject patients return to work and other daily activities within a day or two. You may experience swelling and redness for the first few hours or days following your Medi-Inject treatment, but this will subside with time.

What Results Can I Expect from the Medi-Inject Treatment?

Results from the Medi-Inject treatment depend on the longevity of the injectable you are receiving. However, the Medi-Inject device allows for more precise injections to provide patients with the best results possible.

Interested in Learning More About the Medi-Inject in Encino, CA?

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