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Ouch!  Here we go again.  Just when it finally looked like the damage done to the plastic surgery profession by make-over shows had passed, it looks like the plastic surgeons of the once popular “make-over” show, “The Swan” are alive and well in Beverly Hills, and treating “The Housewives of Beverly Hills”.   Leonardo da Vinci is likely turning over in his tomb due to the violation of human facial proportions that he so elegantly laid out hundreds of years ago in Italy.   

Unfortunately, tomorrow (and as long as the self-indulgent “reality” show is on the air) plastic surgeons around the country will be having to hear their patients say, ” I want to look natural, not like those women on the Housewives of BH.” 

Three basic plastic surgical principals are apparent from the premiere episode of Housewives.

Lesson one, the upper lip to lower lip ratio should be in the golden proportion “phi” ratio of 1:1.7, or simply the upper lip should be about 70% the size of the lower lip.  Lesson number two, adding volume to the face is usually a good thing, but “lips and cheeks on a stick” is not.  Once volume is added somewhere in the face, the remainder of the face should be augmented where appropriate and blended gently to form soft natural curves on the face.  Lesson number three, it doesn’t matter how much money you have, you can still find a plastic surgeon who apparently studied Picasso’s proportions rather than da Vinci’s.  Choose your facial plastic surgeon most carefully.  Ciao bella!

Housewife of Beverly Hills, David Hockney

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