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Video Highlights

00:14 – Beauty Secret
00:35 – Botox + what?
01:01 – What fillers to use
01:10 – Picasso’s proportions
01:20 – Da Vinci’s facial harmony
01:40 – Areas to work on
02:00 – Don’t go by what others look like

Hi this is Dr. Michael Persky, I’m a facial plastic surgeon in Encino California, suburb of Los Angeles, it’s approximately 20-25 minutes from both Beverly Hills and Hollywood, California.

Today I’d like to share with you a little beauty secret that came up during the day in the office. While consulting with a 50 year old very beautiful woman who wanted to look a little bit better for her upcoming birthday party. She was receiving her Botox injections and asked me what she could have done that would make her look better. What would I do. And I told her that it looked like her face need a little volume in both the mid cheek area and jaw area.

Oh No no no! I was working out in the gym today next to a 30 year old woman who was just puffed up. I will never do fillers on my face. She looked ridiculous. And what I told her was, it’s not really what fillers you used or how it’s done but it’s rather the artistic vision of the person who’s putting it in. If the doctor or nurse studied under Picasso’s proportions, they’re gonna look funny. They’re gonna look like a genetic mutant. If that doctor studied rather under Da Vinci’s proportions of facial harmony, then no matter what fillers you use they’ll end up looking good.

If somebody looks obviously done, then we’ve failed them as facial plastic surgeons.

So in her case, she again could have used volume in her mid cheek area, in her marionette area and as well as anterior to her jaw area. So she’s gonna consider that, but seriously, when you are considering whether you should have a treatment done, don’t go by what other people looked like.

If the person who put the material into the face studied out Picasso’s school of cosmetic surgery they’ll look funny but if they’ve done their work and know about facial beauty and harmony and the shape that a face should have then they’re in good hands. That’s our beauty secret of the day. Be well and we’ll see you soon.