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Video Highlights

0:05 Rejuvenation of the hands
0:19 Why you should have a rejuvenated of hands after face rejuvenation
0:39 Hide veins and tendons in the hands
1:00 Fraxel Dual Laser
1:14 Cost of the procedure
1:20 What is Radiesse?
1:38 Why repeated Laser is needed?
2:08 A brand set of hands for $2000!

Hi this is Dr. Michael Persky. I’d like to talk to you a little bit about rejuvenation of the hands. Why would a facial plastic surgeon be talking about rejuvenation of the hands?
Well, after we take care of the face and get the face looking good. The last thing that a patient wants to do is put their hands up to their face, not that my face and hands are looking that great. But the last thing that a rejuvenated patient wants is to put their hands up to their face and have the rejuvenated face be given away by aging hands. So there’s a couple of things about the hands that are pretty exciting that we are doing right now, including filling hands to hide veins and to hide tendons and make the hands look more youthful as well as resurfacing the hands and getting rid of sun damaged brown spots and also some wrinkles in the hands.

The Fraxel Dual Laser does a wonderful job of resurfacing the skin. It’s a minimal downtime procedure. The two most common questions that patients asks us about any procedure is how long will it last and how much will it cost?

In terms of the filler using a RADIESSE® in the hands, RADIESSE® usually last anywhere from 1 year to 2 years in the hands. RADIESSE® is a biological stimulatory filler which means it stimulates your own collagen when it’s in place. So even after it wears off, your hands are still gonna be better off than before you had it place.

As far as the laser goes, it may need to be repeated for stubborn brown spots but it can last for years. The costs of these things are very dependent on how much RADIESSE® we use. But in general a syringe of 1.5cc of RADIESSE® is used in each hand, that’s usually around $600 to $700 per syringe and the laser runs about $600. So for brand new hands, you get in and out of the office usually for about $2000.