Posted May 14, 2008 in Beauty, Blog, Uncategorized

There are three characteristics that are common to beautiful faces. They are in no particular order:

1. The Nose. The nose should get out of the way of the other facial features. A natural nose that does not attract attention; and allows attention to be focused elsewhere on the face (the eyes and mouth).
2. Volume. A beautiful face maintains its volume, especially in the midface (cheek) area. As aging progresses, the volume of the face decreases, giving a deflated appearance.
3. Jaw line. The jaw line should be relatively straight without one of the earliest signs of aging, the dreaded jowl. By filling the pre-jowl sulcus with volume, beauty is restored to the jaw line.
4. Skin. Healthy, vibrant skin without the signs of sun damage (brown spots, wrinkles). Use of sun blocks, and when indicated Fraxel repair laser will restore youth to the skin.

These four secrets” of beauty are a simple guide to restoring youth and beauty to an aging face.