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Old man time, he’s so mean
Meanest man you’ve ever seen

He gives you youth; then he steals it away
He takes your nice pretty hair; turns it gray…..

He gives you beauty charm and grace
Then puts wrinkles on your face.

Those are a few of the lyrics of Jimmie Durante’s old song “Old Man Time”. I was approached by a young, 49 year old woman, at the gym a few weeks ago. We had spoken about my practice as a facial plastic surgeon many years before. She told me that she was “turning 50” and wanted to come in for a little rejuvenation of her face, and asked what I would do. She said that her husband is not a big fan of plastic anything, but that he would be willing to give her a 50’th birthday present at my office if that is what she wanted.

She asked the common question that makes those in my profession cringe. We are too often asked, usually in front of too many others, “What would you do to improve my face?” Having grown up in a household with two sisters, no brothers, now living with two daughters and no sons, and working with seven women, no men, I know how to answer the question….with calm silence followed by, “What bothers you?”

She is the perfect example of an athletic, fit, good looking woman who has never “had anything done”. Loss of volume in the face particularly in the temple area, the cheeks, and jaw line result in nasolabial folds and early jowls, and a overall tired look. Sculptra is an excellent choice to use to return her face to a more youthful oval, fuller, rested state.

By 50, most upper eyelids have a bit of excess lax skin that can be easily remedied with an upper eye lid skin only blepharoplasty performed under local anesthesia in the office. Four days of stitches, five to seven days of minimal bruising, and wah-la, a much younger appearance. Her lower eyelid hollows could be corrected with a small amount of Restylane.

Lastly, the sun damage from those days at the beach. Fraxel Dual is a revolutionary new wavelength (Thulium 1927) that enables better treatment of pigmentation and other dyschromia on the entire body with minimal discomfort.

So with a little hair coloring, diet, exercise, and a short trip to Dr. Persky’s office, Old Man Time doesn’t have to be as “mean” as he was when Jimmie Durante sang his song.

….So you don’t ever have to fret
Fall in love and you‘ll forget

That’s old man, old man time…
Yes old man, old man time.

Happy Birthday!

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