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Christina Ricci stars in the recently released motion picture, Penelope. In the “fairy tale” film, she is born with a pig’s nose (as well as pig’s ears) because of a witch’s curse. The curse can only be reversed if she is accepted and loved by someone of her same “blue blood” society.

Penelope’s nose is short, turned up with a “ski slope”, has enormous nostril show, a retracted columella, is very wide at it’s base, and has many horizontal deep lines across the dorsum. Repairing her nose would require an open rhinoplasty. Cartilage grafts would be needed to lengthen and support her tip. Nostril reduction and lower nasal cartilage narrowing along with the injection of fillers along her dorsum would likely improve the porcine appearance.

In the movie, Penelope finally accepts and loves herself for what she is (not a bad idea for all of us), and it is she that reverses the curse, giving herself a “normal” nose.

In real life, the best way to avoid a “pig’s” nose deformity after a rhinoplasty is to choose your surgeon most carefully before the first operation. It always amazes me that many patients will spend more time picking out the color of their new car than they will spend on choosing their nasal surgeon. Carefully look at many before and after pictures. Ask to speak with, and preferably see patients whom the surgeon has operated upon. Otherwise, you may end up like Penelope with a “pig’s” nose, and be forced to select your revision surgeon more carefully.