A. Fraxel restore laser was the first laser to use “fractionated” technology. Fractionated lasers treat a percentage or fraction of the skin surface area which is different from how older lasers treated the entire skin surface. The advantage of fractionated lasers is that normal skin aids in a more rapid and natural healing without the lines of treatment demarcation between treated and untreated areas. Fraxel restore laser is considered a non-ablative laser which means that it leaves the surface of the skin intact without removing any skin. Restore sends columns of heat through the skin which stimulates new collagen production and improves brown spot pigmentation. Restore treatment involves a 20 minute treatment, usually repeated 2 to 4 times every two to three weeks. Restore results in improvement of fine lines and wrinkles, better skin tone, texture, and color. The treated area is red and slightly swollen for 1-2 days, followed by a bronzing appearance that leads to a powdery flaking on days 3-5. By one week the skin looks beautiful.

A second type of laser was added to the Fraxel restore platform, this second laser is Thulium laser which specifically targets brown spots. The combination of the two laser systems is called Fraxel Dual. The Thulium laser is the best treatment for brown spots. The two lasers may be combined at the same treatment session to give patients a true “dual” treatment that results in beautiful skin. Good luck and be well. ~Dr. P