Posted July 16, 2009 in Blog, Fat Transfer (Grafting) Facial Rejuvenation, Uncategorized

Bioform, the manufacturer of the popular facial and hand filler Radiesse has received FDA approval for mixing local anesthetic Lidocaine into its product.

In clinical trials, the technique of mixing the dermal filler Radiesse with lidocaine showed an improvement in patient comfort and an increase in patient satisfaction, the company said in a statement.

Radiesse is the longest lasting of temporary fillers. It is reported to last from one to two years. It is a great filler for replacing lost volume in the face in the battle against the appearance of aging. Its use in hand rejuvenation is very impressive, giving the dorsum (back) of the hand a more youthful look (less wrinkles and prominent veins).

Bioform’s stock price nearly doubled today after the announcement. Shares of the company were up 22 percent at $2.49, making them one of the top percentage gainers on Nasdaq.

Physicians have been manually mixing a small amount of Lidocaine into syringes of Radiesse for the past few years, so I do not expect a large increase in its use among experienced physician injectors.

So much for “No pain, no gain!”