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The study of youthful, beautiful faces reveals two common findings. A youthful face has adequate volume or fullness, and secondly, the skin appears flawless and well hydrated. With aging, we lose volume from our faces through the loss of fat, bone, and muscle. The skin ages due to loss of underlying support as well as from sun damage. Rejuvenation of the face can be achieved by “puffing and buffing” (PB). I originally referred to the treatment as buffing and puffing (BP), but after the BP Gulf oil disaster thought that PB was more appropriate.

PB is the combination of restoring volume to the face with fillers (Sculptra, Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, and fat transfer), and improving skin tone, texture, tightness, and color with lasers and other modalities (Fraxel Dual, restore, repair; O2Intraceutical oxygen infusion facials). The treatment is individualized for each patient. We ask patients to bring photographs of when they were younger and felt that they looked their best. By comparing the photos with their current state, a plan is made to restore their youthful appearance, helping them look their best.

While I am on the subject, for those of you who don’t already use one, Buff-puffs are an excellent old fashioned technique of exfoliating you skin and keeping it “buffed” inexpensively at home. Clarisonic is also a great at home treatment for the skin. I guess a little self “buffing” at home won’t hurt, but please do not try to “puff” at home on your own, unless it is by putting on a few pounds; pass me the cheesecake please. Be well.

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