Posted June 04, 2008 in Blog, Rhinoplasty, Uncategorized

In the early years of rhinoplasty, having a nose that looked operated on was somewhat of a status symbol, so much so that a few surgeons had characteristic noses that they created consistently on their patients. In New York City there was the “Diamond” nose, and in Los Angeles the “Parkes” nose. Today, the goal of any good cosmetic surgery is a natural look. Recently in my practice I have come to realize that there are thousands of people who have a minor bump, hump, or tip disproportion that has bothered them for a long time, but feared having it repaired because they did not want the rest of their nose and appearance changed. They didn’t want to end up with the Dr. “you fill in the name” nose job. Now those slight nasal “offending parties” can be corrected with a subtle rhinoplasty. The procedure is quicker and easier for the patient as the nasal bones are not broken, the nasal septum (center divider of the nose) is not operated upon, and there is no packing placed into the nose. There is no to minimal bruising, swelling, or pain. Nasal breathing can be improved at the same time. The downtime is only 4 to 5 days, and full normal activities can be resumed in 14 days. Patients need no longer fear that their entire look will change. Call our office to find out if that little thing that bothers you about your nose can be taken care of with the subtle, finesse rhinoplasty.