What’s the Best Recipe for an Excellent Nose Job?

Posted May 25, 2008 in Blog, Rhinoplasty, Uncategorized

There is no recipe for an excellent rhinoplasty. Everyone is different. A beautiful nose gets out of the way of the eyes and mouth. The nose then “fits” the face. Choose your surgeon most carefully. They should have experience, they should be Board Certified in plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery, or otolaryngology (ENT), but most […]

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PREVILLE Silk, New Hyaluronic Acid Filler First with Anesthetic

Posted May 25, 2008 in Blog, Plastic Surgery in the News, Uncategorized

The FDA has approved a new hyaluronic acid facial filler Prevelle Silk. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is the filler material in Restylane, Perlane, and Juviderm. Preville Silk is the first hyaluronic acid product to contain lidocaine, a local anesthetic. In a controlled study, patients reported significantly less pain during injection with Preville Silk as compared to […]

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On Natural Beauty…The Four Secrets of Beauty

Posted May 14, 2008 in Beauty, Blog, Uncategorized

There are three characteristics that are common to beautiful faces. They are in no particular order: 1. The Nose. The nose should get out of the way of the other facial features. A natural nose that does not attract attention; and allows attention to be focused elsewhere on the face (the eyes and mouth). 2. […]

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Fraxel Re:pair and Re:store…No Virginia, all fractionated lasers are not the same.

Posted April 15, 2008 in Blog, Fraxel Laser Treatment, Plastic Surgery in the News, Uncategorized

Fraxel is the original fractional non-ablative laser system, and has established a strong track record of solid clinical research, FDA clearances, and proven results. It has earned the endorsement of top aesthetic physicians world-wide and patients ask for it by name. Unfortunately, asking for Fraxel by name, and thinking that you are getting Fraxel treatments […]

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Botox Safety in the News…Again. Botox goes to the Brain?

Posted April 14, 2008 in Blog, Botox and Facial Fillers, Plastic Surgery in the News, Uncategorized

What’s next, Botox causes pregnancy in men? Once again Botox is in the news. An Italian neurologist has injected “experimental, not for human use” botulinium toxin into the whiskers of rats. The neurologist reports that the botulinium toxin was later found in the rat brain. The conclusion of this study when it hit the news […]

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