The Secret to Youth….Volume

Posted February 13, 2008 in Blog, Face Lift, Uncategorized

As we age, volume is lost from our face. This volume loss exposes “bags” under the eyes, jowls, and a general aging deflation of the face. The simple treatment to restore a youthful appearance is to re-inflate the face with volume. I often rely on fat transfer to accomplish this rejuvenation. For patients whom are […]

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Is Botox Safe?

Posted February 09, 2008 in Blog, Botox and Facial Fillers, Uncategorized

The recent stir about the safety of Botox has nothing to do with the cosmetic use of the anti-wrinkle miracle drug. It is still as safe as ever to have a few of your wrinkles erased by Botox. We have used Botox over the past 30 years without any of these recent adverse effect reports. […]

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Ashley Tisdale’s nose job

Posted February 07, 2008 in Blog, Celebrity Plastic Surgery, Rhinoplasty, Uncategorized

Ashley Tisdale, a young teen star from the popular High School Musical, unveiled her new nose a few weeks ago in New York City during a holiday performance. According to reports she had difficulty breathing through her nose, visited another Ashely’s (Simpson) surgeon, and underwent the procedure to correct her breathing. “Oh, by the way, […]

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