Is Social Media Creating a Demand in Facial Procedures?

Posted February 28, 2017

Nowadays, it seems that everyone is uploading all of their personal experiences to social media feeds, and because of this, people are becoming more aware of their facial appearance. It has caused us to focus on how our faces appear in photos, which has prompted a demand for facial procedures such as injectables, fillers, and […]

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What Is Restylane Silk? Explaines by Dr. Persky..

Posted May 13, 2015

As stated by Dr. Persky, MD, Persky Sunder Facial Plastic Surgery, Encino Points from the Video: 00:10- Introduction to Restylane Silk; 00:38- Dr. Persky elaborates on how restylane silk is used, and gives a detailed demonstration on the procedure of injecting restylane silk; 01:45- He discusses what the ratio of the upper lip and the […]

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What is Restylane Silk?…All You Need to Know About Newest US Filler @ Persky Sunder Facial Plastic Surgery

Posted January 19, 2015

Restylane Silk is a unique hyaluronic acid facial filler that appears to be the best treatment for lip lines and natural lip augmentation. Galderma recently invited top facial filler injecting physicians from around the world to Dallas, TX for the Galderma Aesthetic Injection Network (GAIN) to certify them to become Restylane Silk (and other product) […]

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