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Fraxel is the original fractional non-ablative laser system, and has established a strong track record of solid clinical research, FDA clearances, and proven results. It has earned the endorsement of top aesthetic physicians world-wide and patients ask for it by name. Unfortunately, asking for Fraxel by name, and thinking that you are getting Fraxel treatments do not guarantee that you are getting treated by Fraxel technology. Like O.J. Simpson’s attorney’s defense strategy, confusion of the facts is beneficial to laser companies and practioners that are coming out with their version of “fractional” treatments.

I was in the operating room yesterday with two nurses who had received a Sciton laser “profractional” treatment. I thought that the recently treated nurse had some sort of surgery due to the swelling and bruising of her face one week after the treatment. The other nurse was one month out from her treatment and said that she experienced the same swelling and bruising, and felt that her wrinkles around her eyes and sagging neck skin were worse now than before the treatment. These are educated, sophisticated nurses who actually work with the treating doctor, and even they said they thought that they were getting a Fraxel treatment. This is just one story of the confusion that benefits other laser company technologies, and at the same time confuses patients and detracting from Fraxel’s reputation, when in fact they never came close to receiving a Fraxel treatment. Due to the success of the innovation and excellence of Reliant Technologies Fraxel product, almost every other laser company in the skin resurfacing business is coming out with a “fractionated” product, but that is not the same as Fraxel. (See my article entitled “Fraxel, Schmaxel, Steve Trachsel” copy and paste

What distinguishes Reliant’s Fraxel from the copycat fractional technologies? 1. More clinical results and patient follow-up than any other fractional CO2 device on the market with no cases of delayed onset hypopigmentation up to 18 months post treatment.
2. Treats up to 4 times faster than any other ablative device on the market.
3. Delivers the broadest range of fractional ablative treatment in a single handpiece- superficial to deep (5-70mJ); mild to aggressive (5-70% coverage).
4. Clinically demonstrated to penetrate beyond 1.5 mm removing up to 6 grams of dermal tissue leading to greater skin tightening (15 to 25 grams are removed in a facelift).
5. Only fractional ablative device with built-in smoke evacuation- greater ease of use; faster treatments, greater patient comfort, and shorter downtimes.
6. Superior access in small areas and around the eyes.
7. Continuous motion scanning technique–affords optimal uniformity of treatment zones resulting in greater efficacy and faster healing.

Fraxel is the gold standard of “fractionated” technology. Just because it is called “fractional”, does not guarantee that it is Reliant’s Fraxel. If Fraxel is what you desire, make sure that you are getting Reliant’s Fraxel.