Posted March 16, 2008 in Blog, Uncategorized

If you are ever asked, “How old do you think I am?” run away. Just kidding, but the tell tale signs of aging are in the eyelids, and hands. Upper lids that have excess skin causing a hooded draping effect, and lower lid skin is crepe over lower lid “bags”. In the past few years correcting the signs of aging of the eyelids has become easier for patients. The philosophy of blepharoplasty has changed. In the past skin, muscle, and fat were removed, often times leaving the patient with an unnatural hollowness around their eye.

Today, we want to keep as much volume in and around the eyelids. Therefore, upper lids can usually be corrected by removing the precise amount of excess skin while leaving the muscle and fat alone. For lower eyelid “bags”, Restylane is carefully placed to blend the depression of the tear duct (the area between the cheek and the “bag”). Both of these procedures are comfortably performed in the office with minimal local anesthesia. For lower lids, the effect is immediate with no downtime. For the upper lids, stitches are placed in the natural crease of the lid, and removed after 4 to 5 days. Social downtime is minimal with both procedures. Both women and men are finding that it is easier to look more rested with less risk and downtime than in the past. They tell me,”… before treatment I looked tired no matter how much sleep I’d get, after the procedure I can stay up all night and still look rested in the morning!”

Oh, by the way, hands are easily rejuvenated by using the filler Radiesse.