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Excess body fat can appear in various locations of the body and is usually present in the stomach and buttocks. Working out, eating healthy, and building endurance can burn a lot of the fat off, but bothersome fatty deposits can still remain in undesirable locations. If you want defined abdominal muscles and a firmer, more flattering behind, there are minimally invasive body sculpting techniques that can help you achieve your a chiseled body contour. In brief treatments, you can lose fat quickly without waiting for diet and exercise to burn it off, which is typically inadequate to address all remaining fat anyway.


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How Can I Eliminate Fat Quickly While Building Muscle?
Emsculpt® is a revolutionary product that removes excess fat quickly and gently for a slimmer appearance. An FDA-cleared, high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM®) technology is used to contract the muscles significantly more intensely than physical training can achieve. This process is called supramaximal contractions, which utilizes pulses of energy. These muscle contractions cause the tissue to adapt to the new condition, forcing a restructuring of the muscles. The technology was initially developed to build muscle and was proven to do so in clinical studies. An additional surprise finding of these studies was that Emsculpt® treatment also reduced abdominal fat by 19%. The fatty tissue is essentially melted as the muscles heat the area using fat for energy, and the fat is metabolized to be naturally excreted by the body.

What Results Can I Expect?
The results from this device include stronger, firmer, and more defined muscles in the butt and abs. Fat is burned away, and muscle formation is promoted to build toned muscle mass and improve fat metabolism. Though the reduction of fat is desired in the abdomen, the majority of our patients wish to preserve fat volume in their buttocks. Fortunately, Emsculpt® for the gluteal muscles has a protocol setting that preserves fat in the buttocks if so desired.

How Long Does It Take?

Sessions typically take 30 minutes per treatment with four total sessions spaced over a two week period to achieve the desired results. Most patients space their treatments two or three days apart. During your consultation with Dr. Michael A. Persky, he can make recommendations and create a customized plan to meet your goals.

What Does It Feel Like?
Patients can lay down and relax during their treatment, and it feels like an intense workout on your abdomen, buttocks, or both. We customize each patient’s treatment power settings so that the treatment feels intense but never painful. Results can sometimes be seen directly following the treatment, though a few treatments and usually a few weeks may be necessary to see the outcome you desire. Your muscles continue to improve for a few weeks after treatment and can be enhanced if you continue a regular exercise routine. The ultimate result continues to improve and then maintain over a one year period. There is no preparation or downtime required for your treatments.

Achieve Your Desired Results
As a safe, non-invasive approach to weight loss, Emsculpt® is quick, easy, and requires absolutely zero downtime. You can resume your regular activities and strenuous exercise the following day if you want. Dr. Persky is one of the few facial plastic surgeons to offer this body contouring option. We are also honored to be one of the first Emsculpt® Centers of Excellence that offers Emsculpt® treatment of the arms (biceps and triceps) and legs (thighs and calves). You may watch this YouTube video that describes Emsculpt® in greater detail.


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