A. The nice thing about Voluma treatment is that the effects are additive and cumulative. The first time that I treat a patient I like to remain conservative, usually using only 1 or 2 cc syringe(s) for a naturally beautiful result. I re-evaluate our Voluma patients about 10 to 14 days after their treatment to make sure that their results are maximized. Though Voluma lasts for a long time (when Voluma is injected properly, the results are very natural and long lasting, up to 2 years), I can usually find somewhere to place another little bit of Voluma to make you look even better. I recommend that patients consider a little more Voluma whenever they wish to look better, refreshed, rested, and beautiful. That can coincide with holidays, special occaisions, birthdays, etc. It is best to have your treatment 10 to 14 days before your special occasion. As with any aesthetic procedure, be sure to choose your treating board certified cosmetic physician very carefully based on their experience, care, knowledge, skill, and most importantly their natural artistic vision. Good luck and be well. ~Dr. P