A. Many of our 35 to 50 year old patients complain of looking tired and noticing that their face is sagging for the first time in their life. Fortunately there are some great choices of treatments that address the problem quickly, safely, and effectively. I particularly love to immediately correct “tiredness” with strategically placed injection of Voluma using The Master Injector Technique. With a 10 minute comfortable treatment, properly placed Voluma helps to rejuvenate the under eye area, the cheeks, the nasolabial folds, the corners of the mouth, and even the jawline. Ultherapy is the best lifting, tightening non-surgical treatment for the face, neck, and brows. Depending on the patient, Botox and/or Sculptra are used to complete their natural beauty rejuvenation. As with any aesthetic procedure, be sure to choose your treating board certified cosmetic physician very carefully based on their experience, care, knowledge, skill, and most importantly their natural artistic vision. Good luck and be well. ~Dr. P