Posted February 13, 2008 in Blog, Face Lift, Uncategorized

As we age, volume is lost from our face. This volume loss exposes “bags” under the eyes, jowls, and a general aging deflation of the face. The simple treatment to restore a youthful appearance is to re-inflate the face with volume. I often rely on fat transfer to accomplish this rejuvenation. For patients whom are not yet ready to accept a fat transfer or those who want to get an idea of what they may look like with fat transfer, temporary fillers such as Restylane, Radiesse, and Juviderm are used to replace lost volume (the “Liquid Lift”). Patients often like what they see with the fillers, and then at some point decide to go with the more permanent filler, fat transfer. Look at photographs of yourself when you were in your twenties, and compare the volume of face then to now. The secret of youth is volume. Whether its replaced temporarily, or permanently, you will look younger.