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How do the stars get so thin? (and how do their trainers keep them that way?)

KYM DOUGLAS has come out with her second book on the inside secrets of Hollywood and beauty, The Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets. Kym is the host of television makeover shows and the image consultant on The View. She appears regularly on Soap Talk, Good Day Live, Before & After’noon, and Your Weekend with Jim Brickman. Kym co-authored the book with CINDY PEARLMAN, a nationally syndicated writer for the New York Times Syndicate and the Chicago Sun-Times. Her work has appeared frequently in Entertainment Weekly, People, Self, In Touch, and National Geographic among others.

After success with their first book, The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets, Kym Douglas and Cindy Pearlman are back with exercise tips and eating strategies from a Who’s Who of Hollywood beauties. The Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets takes readers inside the fridges and out to the gyms of the stars, uncovering the daily regimens that keep celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Demi Moore, and Beyoncè Knowles in A-List shape. They’ll dish on stars’ daily diet plans and tell us how the stars bounce back after baby, stay slim after forty, drop a quick twenty pounds, outsmart a Fat Day, and see fast results from exercise. Kym and Cindy have done it again, from (A)niston to (Z)eta-Jones.

From The Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets:
• Heidi Klum and Cindy Crawford eat a salad dressed with vinegar BEFORE they go out to dinner. The vinegar is an appetite suppressant.
• Oprah and Rachael Ray drink Wulong Slimming Tea.
• Denise Richards, Jessica Simpson, Michelle Williams all detox with So-Cal cleanse.
• Demi Moore and Sharon Stone eat prunes to ease bloating AND to prevent wrinkles.

For those of you who prefer a great novel , Ken Follett’s “The Pillars of the Earth” takes place in 12’th century England, and has been one of the better reads of my life. Enjoy.