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Ulthera, the revolutionary non-surgical skin lifting and tightening ultrasound device, was featured on The TODAY Show on May 3, 2012.  Dr. Pat Wexler and Dr. Francesca Fusco treated Kathie Lee Gifford’s right eye brow on camera.  Seeing is believing, and we have seen definite improvement in the vast majority of patients that we have treated with Ulthera.  Unfortunately, on the video clip of Kathie Lee’s treatment I was hard pressed to see any difference when the ladies were all raving about how they “…could already see the difference!” 

After watching the clip again, it was apparent why I did not appreciate the difference that the doctors were claiming.  The area was treated with only a small superficial transducer that was set to a very low energy level and a very short length line of energy delivered.  Dr. Fusco treated Kathie Lee with only 10 pulses or lines.  The usual treatment involves at least 10 lines with a deep, higher energy transducer followed by 10 lines with the standard length more superficial transducer.  Ulthera treatment is uncomfortable, but tolerable.  Most likely the very weak settings were used on Kathie Lee to give the appearance that the treatment is not painful.

1 Month after Ulthera treatment by Dr. Persky

Ulthera is a great treatment that is safe and effective, but I am sorry that this live treatment performed on Kathie Lee does not represent the product as it should, especially the uncalled for enthusiastic reaction of the women claiming a visual “difference” when there was not one.  Hopefully, Kathie Lee received a full standard treatment off air and we will be able to see the difference in a few months.  Seeing is believing!

1 Month after Ulthera face and neck

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