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“The Five Year Engagement” is an excellent movie about relationships in today’s world.  For this facial plastic surgeon, Ms. Emily Blunt, the fine British actress stole the show and dominated the big screen with her natural beauty.  Her acting is Academy Award nomination worthy, but as an aesthetic physician I could not take my eyes away from analyzing her beautiful face.

I have given two lectures in the past three days on “Beauty Secrets“.  Part of my presentation discusses Leonardo da Vinci’s devine proportions of beauty.  While watching  Ms. Blunt in the film,  it was apparent that her facial proportions are consistent with the vertical fifths and horizontal thirds that da Vinci describes.  Her forehead appeared to have just the right amount of neuromodulator (Dysport, Botox, or Xeomin) as it appeared smooth yet had some movement (not available during da Vinci’s times).

Producer Judd Apatow, there are some “toe” puns in the movie, captured the intricacies of today’s man-woman and parent-child relationships.  The story line took this baby boomer back to Dustin Hoffman’s relationship in “The Graduate” with the on again, off again nature of the main characters relationship (as well as the partial Northern California location of the shoot).  The film was brilliantly cast, though as a rhinoplasty surgeon I thought that the delicatessen employee’s noses were a bit too Semitic (Tracee Chimo and Brian Posehn right and left  respectively).  Alison Brie was well cast as Ms. Blunt’s sister.  Ms. Brie is very beautiful herself, and also has da Vinci like facial proportions.

Well, that’s it for the combination of Siskel and Ebert Movie Review/ facial plastic surgeon analyzes faces with regard to the Devine Golden Ratio of  Beauty (also known as the Phi Ratio).  Be well and enjoy the movie and the beauty of life.

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