Posted November 15, 2019 in Rhinoplasty

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Asian rhinoplasty is in many ways distinct from rhinoplasty in a caucasian patient.

Asian patients seeking rhinoplasty have unique cultural preferences with regard to nasal aesthetics.

Many Asian patients prefer a natural-appearing refinement of their nasal features rather than radical changes based on Caucasian ideals that detract from their ethnic identity.

Two of the most common preferences include a nose that has a tall bridge and a more projected nasal tip.

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Dr. Persky and Dr. Hyman have expertise in Asian rhinoplasty, with modern techniques that produce natural, safe and long-lasting results.

Dr. Persky and Dr. Hyman do not use implants in the nose but prefer one’s own cartilage to create definition and refinement in the Asian nose.

This preference for cartilage rather than implants is due to a lower side effect profile, improved biocompatibility, and more predictable and natural appearing results associated with the use of cartilage.

Nasal Structure Shared by Many Asian Patients

In general, Asian patients tend to have noses that consist of thick skin and weak cartilage.

  • Characteristics typical of the Asian nose include:
  • Low and wide nasal bridge
  • Retracted columella
  • Hooded nostrils
  • Thick skin
  • Short nose
  • Under projected nasal tip
  • Weak tip cartilages
  • Deficient nasal septum
  • Thick nostril skin
  • Wide nasal base

These features, which result from a lack of underlying structure in conjunction with a thick soft tissue envelope, preclude the refined look desired by many Asian patients seeking rhinoplasty.

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What Are Common Nasal Requests Among Asian Patients?

Asian rhinoplasty largely focuses on three nasal areas: the tip, bridge, and nostrils.

Raising the Bridge

Many Asian patients desire dorsal augmentation for a higher nasal bridge.

Using a solid graft of one’s own cartilage, we are able to create beautiful, natural appearing, and natural feeling bridge definition that is safe and long lasting.

Projecting the Tip

Asian noses are often under projected. Cartilage is used to help project the tip to create refinement and definition in the nasal tip area.
Narrowing the Nostrils
Some patients seek a narrowing of their nostrils.

In some instances, this is done through an alar base reduction.

This is only done in selected patients and must be done with extreme care to avoid an operated look.

Many Asian patients will not need this.

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