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The August 2010 issue of Town and Country Magazine (the
beautiful and talented Ms. Julianne Moore on the cover) has a
comprehensive article about the use of facial fillers to restore volume
in the face. Well written by Janet Carlson, the article is entitled
“Speaking Volume”.

Five highlights of the piece include:

1. “A
filler session will make you look 7.3 years younger on average,
according to a study of ten female patients aged 42 to 59 that published
this March in Dermatological Surgery”.

2. “We can confidently report that if
nearly any aspect of your maturing face bothers you enough, you can with
relatively little risk feel safe in giving filler, as they say, a

3. “What most doctors talk about these days more than
anything else is (facial) volume”.

4. A comprehensive list of
“What’s in the Syringe?” which lists the fillers available in the U.S.
today along with their lasting power, pros, cons, and costs. Emphasized
is the fact that “The best use of fillers is, however, the work you
don’t see.” Like everything else that we do in plastic surgery, the best
work is not detectable, obvious, or over done. Lips or breasts should
not walk into the room before their owner!

5. “How to Choose a
Doctor”…the key factor determining success is your doctor’s artistry.
The saying “It’s not the brush and paint; it’s the artist” has been
altered for physician injectors, “It’s not the filler (filler material);
it’s the filler (physician)”. As I advise patients daily, make sure to
choose your treating physician most carefully!

Dr. Persky offers
all of the fillers mentioned in the article.  These fillers provide the
“Puff” of Dr. Persky’s “Puff and Buff” philosophy of facial
rejuvenation.  Volume “puffs” the face while superficial laser
treatments, peels, facials, and excellent skin care programs provide the
“Buff” of the skin.  Together these two strategies provide much greater
results than either individually.

After you have your fillers,
make sure that you see Julianne Moore in her current release, “The Kids
Are Okay”, an excellent film. Be well.

See web reference for more on “Puff and Buff”….Puff-and-Buff-PB.html

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