Posted October 19, 2023 in Facial Rejuvenation

When asked, “Would like a more defined jawline?’, an overwhelming majority of my patients answer, “Yes, of course!.” An undefined and disproportionate jaw can affect the appearance of the entire face. Many men desire a strong, square jaw, while women often opt for a softer, more angular profile, one that compliments their neck as well.

Woman with a nice jawline

Because of this, many men and women are dissatisfied with the appearance of their chins and jawlines. Fortunately, a wide range of surgical and non-surgical options are available to help you sculpt your jawline in just the right way.

Non-surgical Options for a Sculpted Jawline

There are fantastic options for augmenting or improving your natural jawline and chin without going under the knife. Improving the jawline in turn results in an improved neck as well.

If you are not quite ready to undergo surgery, have more minor complaints about your jaw, or want to start with a less permanent option, non-surgical treatments might be for you.

Dr. Michael A. Persky is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon and a master injector specializing in all areas of facial rejuvenation — both surgical and non-surgical. Additionally, Dr. Persky performs all cosmetic injection procedures himself, ensuring his patients receive the highest level of care and precision. Dr. Persky’s philosophy is that no one should know that you have anything done, the results should be that natural.

Injectable Facial Fillers

When patients have an undefined jawline, other parts of their face may look larger than they are. This imbalance is difficult to remedy without aesthetic treatments.

Dr. Persky has an arsenal of tools at his disposal — as well as an artistic eye for beauty — that will help restore that balance to your face. Using a variety of injectable facial fillers, Dr. Persky can subtly restore volume to areas that are lacking, such as the chin or jaw.

Volex(™) (Juvederm) was FDA approved for the treatment of the jawline. Volux(™) is a robust hyaluronic acid filler that is injected just above the bone as well as in the subcutaneous tissue of the jawline. It takes on a very natural appearance defining the jawline from the chin to the ear. Other injectable facial fillers used by Dr. Persky are RADIESSE® and Sculptra® Aesthetic, The goal is to create a balanced natural well defined jawline. Adding volume to the jawline also takes up some of the slack of neck loose skin thereby improving the neck.

For those patients who wish to have nothing other than their own natural material injected, Dr. Persky also offers EZ Gel™ treatment, an injectable treatment that restores facial volume using a gel made from your own blood without anything else added. Two tube of blood are drawn, centrifuged and then heated and cooled to form an albumin plasma rich fibrin gel that can be injected to rejuvenate skin and to add needed volume.


Undefined jawlines are not always due to a structural issue. Sometimes, they are due to excess submental fat (causing a “double chin” to develop or jowl fat.

This stubborn fat may be genetic, or it may result from weight fluctuations, pregnancy, or the aging process.

KYBELLA® injections specifically target submental fat, using a synthetic formation of sodium deoxycholate that breaks down dietary fat.

Eliminating fat under the chin can finally reveal the contour of your jawline, giving you the angular aesthetic you desire.

Surgical Options for a Chiseled Jawline

Plastic surgery may create a more permanent jawline.

Many of these procedures have similar goals as their non-surgical counterparts. They aim to highlight certain areas of the face, augment angles and profiles, and create a streamlined contour.

Mentoplasty (Chin Surgery)

An underdeveloped chin can affect the rest of the face. Sometimes, a chin that is too small can make the nose look larger or detract from your other attractive features.

Chin surgery is ideal for patients who are ready to create facial balance and harmony.

  • If you have an underdeveloped chin that detracts from your aesthetic, a chin augmentation by placing a small implant below the muscle can help. This option shapes the lower face, improving the overall profile.
  • If your large chin is obstructing your jawline, a chin reduction can be performed. Protruding bone and tissue are removed sculpting a more pleasing shape.

Facelift and Neck Lift

For some patients, the jawline has become hidden by sagging skin or fat. If you want to remove sagging skin, improve wrinkles, and remove jowls, a facelift and neck lift might be right for you.

Combining a facelift and neck lift will bring unparalleled, rejuvenating results. This combination will eliminate sagging skin and wrinkles, restore volume, and create a more pleasing and defined contour.

During this procedure, small incisions are used around the temporal hairline and ears before lifting and repositioning the skin and tissues for a natural, rejuvenating result.

Interested in Jawline Contouring Options in Encino, CA?

Dr. Michael Persky performs all of the above non-surgical procedures with the care and precision that comes from decades of facial plastic surgery experience. Should you prefer a surgical correction, Dr. Persky will refer you to selected expert facial plastic surgical colleagues.

If you would like to know which option is best for your jawline contouring needs, call us today at (818) 501-3223 to schedule a comprehensive consultation with our talented facial plastic surgeon.