Posted April 14, 2008 in Blog, Botox and Facial Fillers, Plastic Surgery in the News, Uncategorized

What’s next, Botox causes pregnancy in men? Once again Botox is in the news. An Italian neurologist has injected “experimental, not for human use” botulinium toxin into the whiskers of rats. The neurologist reports that the botulinium toxin was later found in the rat brain. The conclusion of this study when it hit the news service was, “Botox found to travel to the brain”. This study would have been meaningful if actual “Botox” from the Allergan Corporation was used in the relative miniscule dose that is used in humans. The same experimental “not for use in humans” botulinium toxin has caused severe life threatening problems when unscrupulous people actually used “bogus Botox” on humans (see Allergan’s Botox product remains as safe as it has been when used by reputable physicians. But then again, that news doesn’t sell.