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Emsella is a novel FDA approved quality of life changing treatment for stress urinary incontinence in both women and men.  It also helps with urinary frequency.  A welcome “side effect” that many patients report is improved sexual health (not FDA approved.)  Emsella treatment consists of two treatment sessions of 28 minutes twice a week for 3 weeks (a total of 6 Emsella sessions), with clothes on!   Patients often report improvement after a few sessions.  There is an 88% “worth it rating” on  The cost of the full treatment ranges from $2400 to $3000.  Though not recommended, individual treatment sessions are about $400/session.  Our practice offers our patients a very reasonable maintenance program that allows return visit treatments for maintained improvement over time.  Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns that you

BTL Emsella™. 95% Patient Satisfaction. Remained Fully Clothed. Non-invasive

Emsella Chair