Posted February 09, 2008 in Blog, Botox and Facial Fillers, Uncategorized

The recent stir about the safety of Botox has nothing to do with the cosmetic use of the anti-wrinkle miracle drug. It is still as safe as ever to have a few of your wrinkles erased by Botox. We have used Botox over the past 30 years without any of these recent adverse effect reports.

The FDA is reviewing botulinium-based drugs used to treat cerebral palsy and other ills. There have been reported cases of breathing and swallowing problems in pediatric cerebral palsy patients, and even a reported death in a CP child who subsequently died of pneumonia. These patients are receiving botox in doses that are many, many times larger than the small dose that is used for cosmetic treatments. Botox is used in these unfortunate CP patients to relieve muscle spasms in their legs, arms, and necks. Even the physicians who use botox to help CP patients are saying that the overdoses are likely from injectors who don’t know how much to use and are using the wrong dosing of the drug.

This news is a reminder that Botox is a potent drug and that injecting it is a medical procedure that should be performed by a board certified physician in a medical setting, not in a salon,spa, hotel room, or friend’s house.