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When we age, some tell tale signs appear that leave us depressed and short on confidence. Some of these can be corrected with Sculptra treatment. It is injectable filler that adds volume to the face and goes a long way in eliminating deep facial wrinkles and folds between the nose and the mouth, chin wrinkles and lines that frame the mouth.

How does Sculptra in Los Angeles help in giving a refreshed look? Collagen is a key element that keeps the skin smooth and fresh. But over time, collagen production ability of the body reduces and wrinkles appear. Sculptra replaces the lost collagen and thereby makes the skin look youthful and fresh. However, this procedure can only be carried out by a Board Certified Surgeon trained in this form of treatment and with great knowledge of facial anatomy. One of the top surgeons in this field is Dr. Michael Persky, MD, facial plastic surgeon at Encino, CA who has successfully carried out many procedures with Sculptra. Before and after photographs of his previous patients is testimony to his skills and expertise and his ability to carve out a beautiful face.

Sculptra treatment consists of a series of injections usually about 4 in sessions that are scheduled 3 weeks apart. Even though it is a form of cosmetic facial Surgery in Los Angeles the advantage with Sculptra treatment is that it is non-invasive with minimum downtime and is one of the reasons why it is often referred to as a mini facelift. Initial results are visible almost immediately after the first injection even though the full impact of the procedure is usually noticeable 3 to 4 months after the full course of injections have been completed.

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