Posted May 25, 2008 in Blog, Eyelid Lift, Face Lift, Fraxel Laser Treatment, Plastic Surgery in the News, Uncategorized

Fraxel Re: pair laser, manufactured by Reliant, is at the cutting edge of the future of facial plastic surgery. It is a pre-emptive strike against a facelift, and in those patients who begin their treatment at the early signs of aging in the face and neck (jowling and lax skin with wrinkles), a facelift may never be necessary. Addtionally, ttreatment of the upper and lower eyelids results in youthful eyes. It is safe, effective, and quick with a very short social downtime period. The results are a natural younger version of you, without the “pulled” look of too many unfortunate surgical facelifts. There is no cutting, operating room fees, or anesthesiologist involved. This is truly where the future of facial plastic rejuvenation surgery is heading.