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Our family spent a few days this spring in Sun Valley, Idaho. The time away from my practice gave me the inspiration to share my thoughts about “The Secret of Youthful Skin” with you. First a little about Sun Valley and its charming ski town Ketchum, Idaho.

Sun Valley takes some time to get to, which has made it attractive to the “Hollywood In-Crowd” since it opened as America’s first ski resort in the late 1930’s. Early on it took planes, trains, and automobiles to get to Shangri-la, as it was nick-named. Nowadays, just a flight into Boise, Idaho followed by a 130 mile drive (or a direct flight into an airport that may or may not be open depending on weather conditions) will get you there.

Ernest “Papa” Hemingway made Ketchum one of his three homes along with his others in Cuba, and Key West, Florida. He spent his mornings writing, and afternoons fishing and hunting. He loved spending time with actor Gary Cooper, making somewhat of an odd couple. Hemingway took his life (7/2/60) in Ketchum after electro-convulsive shock therapy (for a depressive disorder) caused him to lose his long-term memory; okay for a goldfish, not okay for a prodigious writer. He is buried in Ketchum.

The Kennedys, Lucille Ball, the Schwarzenegger’s, most of old Hollywood, and many Olympic winning ice skaters (Hamill, Flemming, Kerrigan) and skiers (Killy, Stein-Ericksen) have stayed at the Sun Valley Resort. Comedian and social commenter Dennis Miller was at Ciro’s (quaint, informal Italian with killer breadsticks…do not visit if you are observing Passover as the temptation may be too great) our first evening in Sun Valley. Though we were very much wanting to hear Mr. Miller’s opinion of Obama care, and the latest of addictions, Tiger and Jesse James’ “sex” addiction, we respected Dennis and his family’s privacy.

Many of the kind and friendly folk in Sun Valley sport serious unabashedly tanned skin. Which finally brings us to the first hint to the secret of youthful skin…pass me the sun block please. The one product that does the most for your skin is an excellent sun block. In our practice we recommend Elta-MD, Ti-Silc, and SkinMedica sun block.

Besides sun block, growth factors, anti-oxidants, peptides, and skin lightening products aide in anti-aging.

SkinMedica products (TNS Recovery and TNS Essential Serum) contain the highest concentration of growth factors (93% versus 2% in its closest competitors). SkinMedica products were the brainchild of world famous dermatologist Richard Fitzpatrick, MD (of the Fitzpatrick skin type I to VI fame). I am impressed with the science behind SkinMedica products as well as their effectiveness. 95% of patients who use TNS daily for 90 days continue to use the product due to improved skin tightness, color, tone, texture, and less wrinkles.

I now recommend TNS Essential Serum to all of my patients (surgical, laser, filler, etc.) as it helps their skin look as good as possible. SkinMedica Dermal Repair moisturizer and Eye Repair are added after TNS. Using sun block during the day and a retinol before bedtime is essential to youthful skin.

Hydration of the skin completes the secret to youthful skin. O2 Intraceuticals hyperbaric oxygen therapy results in refreshed, hydrated skin. Jennifer Anniston, Angelina Jolie, and Madonna have popularized this new technology. Our practice has recently begun using this very popular and effective treatment.

Lastly, all of your hard work to keep your skin glowingly youthful will be for naught if you get off the chair lift at Sun Valley in spring white-out snow storm conditions, mistakenly turn onto the black diamond Upper River Run (which you thought was an easy, safe green run) with steep, large icy packed moguls covered with 2 feet of new powder snow, resulting in disorientation, vertigo, and a fearful sense of impending doom from an avalanche.

Fortunately I survived to share a bit of our trip to Sun Valley and much about the secret of youthful skin with you. Be well, and enjoy the beauty of life.

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