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As stated by Dr. Persky, MD, Persky Sunder Facial Plastic Surgery, Encino:

Points from the Video:

00: 17- When is the best time to start filling the face?

00:46- It is pretty good to leave patients alone in their twenties;

01:08- The area that we use the earliest for filler is the lips;

01:35- Trauma of the needle creates enough swelling;

02:00- A small amount of sculptra helps things look better;

02:15- In thirties and forties, we can use ulthera to create a lift;

02:30- We love to use voluma in the cheeks;

Lot of patients are obsessed with their facial appearance; we have lot of actors and actresses in this area, lot of newspeople, television personalities. So when is the best time to start filling the face? One of my pet peeves is the recent appearance of a lot of apple cheeks, and again, anything that we do that is obvious, we have failed our patients. So, the most natural thing about youth is youth. So it’s usually pretty good to leave patients alone in their twenties. We start losing volume in our face from about 25 years on; we lose bone, we lose fat, we lose muscle. Each individual patient is going to age differently, so there are different things that can be done. Probably the area that we use filler the earliest is our lips, and we have some patients even in their teens and twenties that genetically just were born with small lips who want a little improvement there. It’s ok to start at a young age, but lips have been abused in the past and we don’t want lips that are walking in the door before the patient. So you have to be very careful with that and I find that almost in some of these patients, we are able to almost pass the needle and just the trauma of the needle creates enough swelling that they are happy with the improvement. In terms of actual facial filling, again late twenties or early thirties, patients can benefit from a little bit of more volume and I find that using sculptra in the proper areas, may be a small amount of sculptra helps things look better. As patients get into their thirties and forties, we can use things like ulthera to create a little bit of lift; when we lift here, there is a bit of volume in the cheeks. And from forties, it really depends on what is lacking in the patient, but in the thirties and forties, we love to use a little voluma in this area because by placing volume in this area, you get improvement under the eyes, you get improvement in the nasal labial folds, you get improvement in some of the wrinkles here, and you get improvement in the jaw. So, again by knowing a proper area to place a filler, the proper filler and the proper treatment, we can treat patients at all ages, but you want to stay as natural as possible for as long as possible.

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