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Many of my patients, and many more of you out here in internet-land have asked me what my thoughts are regarding Zerona laser treatments. For the past year I have researched Zerona technology (since it came to market). I remember first seeing advertisements for Zerona at The Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas, July 2009.
The ads were the first of their kind, pasted on the mirrors in the
restroom outside of the lecture conference halls at Caesar’s Palace.
While washing their hands after visiting the restroom, physicians were introduced to the creative marketing efforts of the
company behind Zerona. The company has employed Leeza Gibbons as their
spokesperson. Zerona claims that patients lose 3 1/2
inches to 9 inches (from their waist, hips, and thighs) in 2 weeks with 6
every other day 40 minute sessions (20 minutes on the front, 20 minutes
on the back). All patients need to do is lay still and let 5 painless
laser lights rotate on their skin (some practioners even treat OVER
clothing) like a prom night laser light show.

Unfortunately, the science of lasers does not support the Zerona’s

As Mom always told us, if it “sounds too good to be true, then it
usually is”. I am afraid that in my opinion as an expert laser surgeon,
Zerona’s claims are too good to be true. I really wanted Zerona to be
the real deal, and offer it to many satisfied patients. At $2000 to
$3000 per treatment series, the financial incentives are very
attractive. I cannot ethically and in good conscience offer my patients
a treatment that is scientifically unsound.

Zerona’s 635nm laser cannot penetrate through the skin to effect  fat cells in the manner that the company claims. The electron-microsope studies that have shown
“microscopic holes in the fat cell membrane and leakage of fat from the
cells” were done with the laser DIRECTLY applied to fat cells underneath
the skin, with no skin to penetrate. The loss of “inches and pounds”,
if any, comes from the manditory Curva niacin supplement
drink, diet, and exercise that desperate patients must follow (this
explains why there is “loss in areas that were not even treated by the
laser). The company claims are that the “laser triggers a response in
the body that causes the fat cells to communicate, causing a general
effect in the entire body”. Recall that the 635nm laser cannot penetrate
through the skin to be able to affect the fat cells.

There have not been any comparative studies looking at results with
the use of Curva supplement, diet, and exercise alone versus with the
addition of the laser light. Given that the laser cannot penetrate
through the skin to have effect fat cells, most likely the
results will be the same without patients having to waste their time
having the Zerona laser lights rotating on their skin.

Recently Kyle of  “The Houswives of Beverly Hills” underwent the treatment by her fellow housewife Adrienne’s husband, Dr. Paul Nassif.  Fortunately, Kyle most likely did not have to waste any of her own money on the questionable treatment.

As for me, when the time comes for my inches to be lost, I will try
the “AB Circle Pro” at $199 plus shipping and handling. Their before
and after photos looked more impressive than the Zerona photos. A few
yoga sessions, honest exercise, and diet will likely help as well. Pass
me that scoop of Baskin-Robbins Rocky Road ice cream please. Be well.

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