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Dieting, detoxing, and exercising can yield chiseled contouring results, but these traditional, at-home methods may not deliver the effects for which you are searching. They take months of your time, and they may not produce immediate results. Many men and women who are at optimal fitness and consume a healthy diet have been searching for a way to pinpoint hard-to-target areas, and now there is a solution. Emsculpt® is the first FDA-approved technology that can build muscle and decrease unwanted fat without surgery, producing natural enhancement where you want it most. This nonsurgical cosmetic treatment can help patients near their ideal weight who are concerned about their abs, glutes, or post-pregnancy imperfections (separation of the abdominal muscles, also known as diastasis recti) achieve the sculpted and natural physique they desire with as little as two weeks of treatment while seeing their results usually within six weeks.

Benefits of Emsculpt®

Emsculpt® is the only body sculpting device of its kind. This innovative treatment is not associated with any known complications and has been clinically proven to be safe, comfortable, and effective while helping patients save time and energy. Emsculpt® offers patients the following benefits:

  • Non-surgical muscle mass growth (16 percent in abdominal muscles)
  • Fat reduction (19 percent with abdominal treatment)
  • Lift of buttocks by increasing muscle mass with or without a decrease in fat
  • New applicators for the treatment of arms and legs
  • No downtime necessary
  • Quick, safe, and effective results
  • Natural enhancement


See how Emsculpt® has helped people just like you and hear why they chose to undergo treatment:

What Emsculpt® Can Do for You

Emsculpt® works on the abdominal muscles (the “six-pack” muscles) and gluteal muscles (the buttocks). The quick and painless series of treatments creates abdominal definition and lifts the buttocks and thighs, resulting in a non-surgical butt lift and toning of the six-pack. Emsculpt® helps patients achieve and maintain the figure they desire and provides superior body contouring.

Tightens the Treated Areas

Many patients who try other fat reduction or contouring treatments notice they still struggle with skin laxity. However, Emsculpt® can help! Building muscle beneath loose skin can improve the underlying structure of the areas treated with Emsculpt® and produce a firmer, smoother surface.

Strengthens Abdominal Muscles After Pregnancy

Emsculpt® is an excellent procedure to correct weakened and separated abdominal muscles (diastasis recti) and the unsightly bulging that can occur after pregnancy or significant weight gain. This treatment can strengthen the core abdominal muscles by using controlled electromagnetic energy which in turn minimizes the appearance of a lower belly “pooch.”

Builds Fat-Burning Muscle

Acquiring muscle mass helps burn fat, even when you are not engaging in exercise. Because Emsculpt® is designed to develop targeted muscle tissue, patients usually experience focused fat loss in the treated areas.

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The Emsculpt® Experience

The Emsculpt® treatment consists of four 30-minute sessions twice a week (two to four days apart), for two weeks. The Emsculpt® paddles are placed over the treatment area, and electromagnetic energy causes the muscles to contract supra-maximally. The power is increased throughout the treatment, prompting intense but painless muscle contractions. Some patients may feel minimally sore for one to two days after the procedure, similar to the aftermath of a rigorous workout. Patients may return to exercising immediately, though it is recommended that they focus their efforts on areas not treated by Emsculpt® for a day or two.

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The Science Behind Emsculpt®

Emsculpt® uses non-invasive, high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to stimulate the nerves of the gluteus, core abdominal, arm, or leg muscles. This energy causes supra-maximal muscle contractions that are not possible with voluntary exercise. The abdominal muscles contract 20,000 times during a 30-minute Emsculpt® procedure, which is the equivalent of doing 20,000 sit-ups, crunches, or squats. This contouring technology is perfect for busy individuals who don’t have time to work out but wish for a more sculpted physique.

The Emsculpt® Difference

Many non-invasive technologies aim to help patients reduce fat, but the results are often short-lived. Emsculpt® works to help your body build the muscle it needs to metabolize fat in the same way exercise does naturally. Alternative fat reduction treatments like CoolSculpting® can destroy targeted fat cells, but the musculature underneath remains undefined. Cosmetic contouring surgeries like tummy tucks can remove large portions of excess tissue, but, again, fat-burning muscle mass is not built during these procedures.


Depending on the individual needs of the patient, Emsculpt® may be combined with other treatments to obtain optimal contouring effects. While this procedure does not improve skin elasticity, patients may opt to combine it with Venus Freeze™ or Venus Legacy™ to achieve firmer, smoother skin. Others who desire concentrated fat reduction and enhanced muscle mass may consider pairing CoolSculpting® with their Emsculpt® treatment.


Your Results

Results may be noticeable within one to two appointments, though usually it takes a few weeks.  Patients will feel the strength and firmness of their muscles improve before seeing actual physical improvement. Once four Emsculpt® sessions are completed, patients are asked to return six weeks after the start of their treatment for post-treatment photos, at which point an additional Emsculpt® maintenance session is performed. Patients can maintain their stunning Emsculpt results by scheduling regular maintenance sessions as needed, leading a healthy and active lifestyle, making smart diet choices, and having a general awareness of their body’s needs.

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Possible Contraindications for Emsculpt®

Not all patients are good candidates for treatment with Emsculpt®. For example, if you have metal or electronic implants in the treatment area and been told that you should never have a CT Scan because of metal implants, then Emsculpt® may not be a good choice. If you have had a CT safely, then the metal implants are most likely titanium. Many patients with titanium implants have been safely treated with Emsculpt®. Other possible contraindications include:

  • Cardiac pacemakers
  • Implanted defibrillators
  • Implanted neurostimulators
  • Drug pumps
  • Malignant tumor
  • Hemorrhagic conditions
  • Epilepsy


If you are struggling to build muscle or shed the fat that obscures your exercise efforts, Emsculpt® could be the solution for you. Michael A. Persky, MD is one of the first physicians in the world to offer Emsculpt® treatment to patients who seek an advanced approach to help them achieve their body sculpting objectives. Please feel free to contact our office at (818) 501-3223 with any questions or concerns that you may have regarding Emsculpt® or to schedule a consultation.

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