Posted March 22, 2019 in Rhinoplasty

Facial balance is essential for creating an attractive appearance. Because of this, facial features that distract or overpower the rest of your beauty can often be problematic. At the center of your face, the nose plays a critical role in creating facial balance. While a subtle shifting of the eyes and mouth may not be noticeable to most people, the nose is another story. When the nose is too large, too long, crooked, or misshapen, it impacts the naturally attractive balance of the face. If you feel self-conscious about the look of your nose, just know that you aren’t alone. Below are the common reasons people have when considering rhinoplasty (nose surgery).

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Reasons for Rhinoplasty

Natural Defects

One of the most common reasons people consider nose surgery is to correct a structural defect they were born with. In these cases, it is often the size of the nose that is unattractive. It may appear long, have an unsightly nasal bridge, or a distracting hump. Issues like hooked or drooping nasal tips are also often present from birth. The natural defects that affect size also play a primary role in obstructing your facial symmetry. Dr. Persky can address these issues and restore facial harmony with a well-planned and executed customized rhinoplasty.

Injuries As Kids

Whether it be a soccer ball to the face or a tumble off a bike, the facial injuries we receive as children can have a lasting impact on our facial aesthetics. Damage to the nose at a young age can result in a crooked shape or a prominent nasal hump. These types of defects can leave people feeling self-conscious. However, immediate correction of the issue may not be possible in young children. Depending on the injury, you may have to wait until your facial features have fully developed before considering corrective surgery. This is why many people wait until their teens and early 20s to plan their nose surgery.  Once overall bone growth has stopped, between age 15 and 16, it is then safe to have rhinoplasty without worry over stunting the growth of the nose.

Trauma As Adults

Unlike childhood trauma, adult nose injuries can be corrected soon after the initial healing of the nose. With adult trauma, many people are left with structural abnormalities, such as crookedness or distinct humps. While we want to wait until a broken nose has healed to see the damage done, you don’t have to live long term with the effects if you don’t want to. We recommend waiting for the initial swelling to resolve for five to seven days before re-evaluating the nose for possible correction. If the bones are displaced, then they can be relocated under local anesthesia in our office. If the bones are straight without any bumps, then the nose is left alone. Corrective surgical rhinoplasty after nasal trauma is best delayed for four to six months to allow all swelling and healing forces to resolve.

Functional Reasons

While the term “nose job” is associated with aesthetic improvement, many people must consider surgery to correct functional issues of the nose. Functionality of the nose relates to the nasal airway and nasal breathing. A deviated septum can occur naturally or be the result of an accident. When the cartilage that separates the nasal passages becomes crooked, it can have a significant impact on your ability to breathe. Many people with a deviated septum snore or experience shortness of breath. One fix for these problems is septoplasty surgery with Dr. Persky.


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Creating Facial Harmony With Rhinoplasty

When consulting with prospective rhinoplasty patients, we analyze what it is about the patient’s nose that is attracting too much attention. What is drawing attention to the nose and away from the eyes (where the focus of the face should be)? Whether the tip is too bulbous, crooked, large, droopy, or has a large dorsal hump, the specific concerns are addressed in planning the rhinoplasty.

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Elegant Rhinoplasty

The elegance of rhinoplasty lies in the creation of natural harmony between the nose and the surrounding characteristics. Dr. Persky uses his artistic vision to create facial harmony through plastic surgery, focusing on balance and proportions and not on dramatically altering your facial appearance. He uses the position and size of the rest of your facial features to determine the right nose shape for your specific aesthetics. This tailoring approach often leaves our patients with more attractive results. By creating a smooth dorsal line from the side, and slight curve from the tip of the nose toward the medial eyebrow, natural curves are restored to the nose, leading to the patient’s eyes.

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