Venus Freeze™ Vs. Ultherapy®

Posted February 14, 2020

3 Min Read: Over time, it is natural to experience diminishing collagen levels in the skin that affect the elasticity and youthfulness of its appearance. Factors such as the overexposure to sunlight, tobacco use, unhealthy diets, and the natural aging process will result in some degree of laxity on the face and body. Fortunately, some […]

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Use Cold to Shrink Fat

Posted December 11, 2018

Men and women alike struggle to remove stubborn bits of fat from their midsections, and losing those last few inches is anything but simple. Unfortunately, when it comes to fat, some areas are just resistant to any amount of diet or exercise. Whether the fat developed after pregnancy, was left over after losing a significant […]

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Battling Your “Cottage Cheese” Thighs

Posted October 19, 2017

Many people suffer from cellulite, which is the lumpy, bumpy, dimpling deposits of fat on the thighs and buttocks that are tethered down to the skin by tenacious fibrous bands. Cellulite results in an uneven and unattractive appearance of the overlying skin. Often referred to as “cottage cheese” or “orange peel,” cellulite can be one […]

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