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Men and women alike struggle to remove stubborn bits of fat from their midsections, and losing those last few inches is anything but simple. Unfortunately, when it comes to fat, some areas are just resistant to any amount of diet or exercise. Whether the fat developed after pregnancy, was left over after losing a significant amount of weight, or simply accumulated over time, a stomach pooch and love handles are a frustrating cause of physical insecurity. And while there are several surgical ways to get rid of those final few inches, they still involve surgery, general anesthesia, complications, scarring, significant downtime as well as expense. This is what makes CoolSculpting® so uniquely desirable as a fatty bulge reducer. CoolSculpting® is a non-invasive approach to removing unwanted fat from the abdomen, love handles, and thighs, allowing you to make your dream physique a reality.

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You’ve likely heard of CoolSculpting® in recent years. Maybe you’ve seen a billboard for it, or perhaps a CoolSculpting® advertisement has popped up on your internet browser. CoolSculpting® is a revolutionary treatment for permanent fat removal that relies on the application of cold temperature to targeted troublesome fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise. While this may sound bizarre (and too good to be true), it’s not. Men and women everywhere are achieving and showing off slim, toned bodies thanks to CoolSculpting®.

How Does the Process Work?

CoolSculpting® offers permanent fat removal with no downtime, pain, or years of sweating it out at the gym. All it requires is an hour office treatment. CoolSculpting® is cryolipolysis (cold temperature eliminating fat cells), a treatment that applies freezing temperatures to targeted treatment sites, destroying unwanted fat cells. During treatment, the CoolSculpting® device is placed on your abdomen, and for the following 35 to 60 minutes, your unwanted fat cells will be exposed to temperatures that permanently kill fat cells without damaging any other cells (since the freezing point of fat is higher than the freezing point of water; it’s the same reason that butter “freezes” or is hard in the refrigerator, while water remains liquid). This controlled cooling focuses on fat cells, causing them to freeze and die. After a period of a few short weeks, these “destroyed” cells are eliminated from your body naturally through the lymphatic system. While this procedure will leave the treated area feeling “cold,” there is zero pain associated with it, and during your session, you can rest, read a book, or even check your emails.

Is It Safe?

Your body has many different types of cells. Fortunately, fat cells are made up of oil and can, therefore, be destroyed using near freezing temperatures. While this procedure eliminates fat cells, it does not affect the water based cells in your body. This means that not a single skin, muscle, nerve, or blood cell is harmed during your treatment. CoolSculpting® is one of the safest, quickest, and effective forms of fat removal available on the market today. You can feel confident that when you leave the office, you will be on the road to saying goodbye to unwanted fat bulges.

Not Just For the Abdomen

While many patients consider CoolSculpting® for their abdomen, it isn’t the only trouble spot this procedure can address. In addition to the abdomen, CoolSculpting® is FDA approved for use on the hips, back, and thighs. This combination of treatment areas allows you to redefine and sculpt your entire physique and do it in plenty of to be in tip-top shape for next summer. Whether you want to show off in a bikini or look good in a sundress, CoolSculpting® allows you to achieve this in the same amount of time (and with the same amount of effort) as an afternoon at the spa. So relax and prepare yourself for your more toned contours.


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Use Heat to Shrink Skin

Once you’ve seen how successful CoolSculpting® can be in removing excess, unwanted fat from the abdomen, you may decide to go one step further. As you’ve learned, CoolSculpting® painlessly and non-invasively removes fat cells by freezing them away. Unfortunately, CoolSculpting® only targets the fat cells and does not affect the quality of the skin. Regardless of having CoolSculpting® or not, for those patients with skin laxity in the abdomen, there is an additional procedure that may be desired. For these patients, Dr. Persky offers the Venus Freeze™/Venus Legacy™, a non-invasive procedure that uses heat to shrink and tighten loose, crepe skin on your abdomen.

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Why Do I Have Excess Skin?

All skin eventually loses its elasticity. It doesn’t matter if you’ve always maintained a stable weight and stayed out of the sun or not: your skin will increasingly lose elasticity and break down with age. This is because of the loss of collagen and elastin, natural proteins found in the skin that are responsible for the strength and structure of the skin. When collagen and elastin are lost, the skin loses its firmness. The Venus Freeze™/Venus Legacy™ tightens skin on the abdomen and the waistline by using a combination of multipolar radiofrequency and electromagnetic pulses. This combination of energy creates a unique heat source that tightens skin and even removes additional fat cells without damaging any healthy cells. This short procedure (each treatment takes under one hour) only requires a few, comfortable sessions that feel like a hot stone massage to reveal a tighter and firmer abdomen and waistline.

Who Can Benefit From the Venus Freeze™/Venus Legacy™?

The quest to achieve a firm midsection is tough, especially when you factor in age, weight fluctuations, and pregnancies. Often, diet and exercise are not enough, and for many patients, the idea of an invasive surgical procedure to remove unwanted fat or loose skin is not for them. If either of these statements strikes a chord with you, then the Venus Freeze™/Venus Legacy™procedure may be what you are looking for. The treatment is painless, safe, effective, and involves no downtime. The Venus Freeze™/Venus Legacy™ is ideal for patients after:


The Venus Freeze™/Venus Legacy™ can do wonders when it is used in combination with CoolSculpting®. Let CoolSculpting® remove the unwanted fat cells in the abdomen and then follow that with the Venus Freeze™/Venus Legacy™ to tighten any skin laxity that may have formed from that fat loss. Combining these procedures is sure to leave you with a slimmer and firmer midsection.


Many new mothers are quick to understand the changes that happen to their bodies after having children, especially the changes to their abdomen. Even women who never experienced a stomach pooch before can certainly be plagued with one after childbirth due to the rapid expansion and then retraction of the abdominal skin and muscles. The connective tissue between the abdominal muscles separates with pregnancy (diastasis recti). For women who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their midsections postpartum, Venus Freeze™/Venus Legacy™ can be the first step in restoring their bodies to the way it was before having children.

Weight Loss

Many men and women strive to lose weight in the abdomen. This is a difficult and frustrating task on its own, and this frustration is only compounded when you lose the weight and find loose skin on the stomach that is hindering your full weight loss transformation. The Venus Freeze™/Venus Legacy™ can help these patients fully embrace and achieve the visual weight loss that they’ve worked so hard for.

What Else Can the Venus Freeze™/Venus Legacy™ Treat?

Just like CoolSculpting® can also treat the hips, back, and thighs, the Venus Freeze™/Venus Legacy™ can also be extended past the abdomen. The Venus Freeze™/Venus Legacy™ is also useful in removing excess skin above the knees and the appearance of cellulite on the thighs. Achieve a slimmer, firmer, and more sculpted body contour without surgery by considering CoolSculpting® and the Venus Freeze™/Venus Legacy™ today.

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