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As Nora Ephron’s popular book title, “I Feel Bad About My Neck” expresses, many of our patients share her feelings about their own necks.  At some time in their late 30’s and early 40’s patients often notice changes in their neck, usually not for the good! nora ephron


Neck skin begins to appear saggy and crepe while the (playsma) muscle bands become prominent even when not actively clinching our neck muscles.  In most young patients it is premature to immediately jump to neck lifting surgery to correct these early signs of the aging neck.


Fortunately, we have a few quick, safe, and effective non-invasive, non-surgical treatments to restore a youthful neck.   These treatments include Radiesse hyper-dilute injections, Ultherapy, Profound RF (Radio-frequency), light CO2 laser, and Medi-Inject.


Radiesse is a biological stimulatory filler which mean once it is injected, your body reacts to it by making more of your own collagen where it was placed.  Research has shown that mixing Radiesse 1:4 with lidocaine and saline results in the perfect mix to stimulate collagen in the neck resulting in immediate noticeable improvement of crepiness and horizontal “rings” of aging in the neck.  Adding heat from a device (either Ultherapy or Profound Radiofrequency with microneedles) multiplies the effects of the previous hyper-dilute Radiesse injections.  In select patients we add a very light CO2 laser superficially, and in others we add a customized “cocktail” injection with Medi-Inject.  Medi-Injectis an automated injection system that precisely injects a cocktail of PRP, hyaluronic acid filler, Botox, and other ingredients in the epidermis resulting in fresh vibrant skin.  Vitamins, skin lighteners, and even stem cells can be injected with Medi-Inject.


It is wonderful that technology and technological advancements have progressed to the point where we are able to address our patients concerns about their aging neck with non-invasive, non-surgical solutions so that they no longer have to feel bad about their necks.  We offer surgical options as well for patients where surgery is indicated.


Please feel free to contact our office with any questions or concerns regarding your neck.  Stay well.


Dr. Persky