Posted March 26, 2018 in KYBELLA®, Liposuction

Commonly known as the double chin, submental fullness can be caused by the accumulation of fat below the chin and jaw. This excess tissue can rob your face of the attractive, slimming definition most people desire in their jawlines. Storing fat in this area can be due to genetics, your age, or if you are overweight. Luckily, several treatment options are available to address submental fullness for those who cannot eliminate their double chin.

Liposuction of the Neck

Liposuction is a popular choice for many people who are looking to reduce the appearance of a double chin. While it is technically a surgery, liposuction does not require the use of general anesthesia. A small incision is placed on the underside of the jaw and behind each ear so there are no visible scars after your treatment.


With liposuction, Dr. Persky can sculpt the new shape of your jawline. Patients require only one treatment to achieve their ideal results. However, this technique is more invasive than any of the others, and it takes about 30 minutes to perform in the operating room. It is best suited for patients with more significant deposits of submental fat, those who desire a “one-and-done” treatment, or those who require more customized sculpting.

Profound RF

Profound RF is a non-surgical temperature controlled micro-needling procedure with advanced radiofrequency technology that melts excess fat under the chin and neck. It is a safe and effective procedure. The area is anesthetized with local anesthesia, and then seven pairs of delicate micro-needles are deployed for four seconds with radiofrequency energy emitted between each pair of needles to a precisely controlled temperature of 68 degrees Celsius. The heat destroys fat cells. In addition, the overlying skin is treated resulting in a lifted and tightened jawline and jowls. There is significant swelling and bruising that may last for about one week. This procedure may be repeated as needed. It is often combined with a full face and neck treatment for overall rejuvenation.


KYBELLA® is a new FDA-approved injectable that is used to reduce submental fullness. Services can be performed in less than one hour, which is better suited for patients who have a busy lifestyle. A fine needle is used for the injection and doesn’t leave any scars. While there may be some initial swelling, it subsides within several hours.

While KYBELLA® treatments are fast, easy, and painless, they tend to work better on patients who only have mild to moderate amounts of excess fat under their chins. KYBELLA® candidates don’t have the same sculpting needs that liposuction patients have. Repeat KYBELLA® treatments may be needed to achieve the total results you are looking for to satisfy your needs.

Choosing Your Technique

A consultation with a board-certified facial plastic surgeon is the best way to determine which double chin reduction technique you need. Dr. Persky will evaluate your physical needs, and recommend the procedure that will best meet those needs. Together, you will discuss the pros and cons to decide which technique suits your lifestyle and aesthetic goals.

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A well-defined jawline is just one feature of Barbie® that has made her into a classic beauty. While her chiseled features tend to stay the same, the beauty standards surrounding Barbie® have dramatically changed since she was first released to market in 1959. Look for our next blog where we discuss these shifting beauty ideals.