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As stated by Dr. Persky, MD, Persky Sunder Facial Plastic Surgery, Encino

Points from the Video:

00:04- He talks about how rhinoplasty is one of the treatments that they love to do at Persky Sunder Facial Plastic Surgery;

00:20- He discusses how patients ask them about their candidature for rhinoplasty;

00:45- He says that the most common reason for going in for a nose job is a bump on the nose, bridge, profile, or if the nose is too big;

01:40- He shares how they wish the eyes of the patient to get all the focus, rather than the nose;

02:00- He discusses the importance of consulting with a few different rhinoplasty surgeons

02:34- He welcomes patients with questions on rhinoplasty;

One of the things we love to do the most at Persky Sunder Facial Plastic Surgery is rhinoplasty. One of the things we are often asked is ‘Am I a candidate for rhinoplasty?’ Whether or not, you are a good candidate for nose job really depends on what it is that bothers you, how much it bothers you, and the skill, experience, and knowledge of the physician you are consulting with. The most common reasons patients see us for rhinoplasty is the little bump on the nose, bridge, profile, or if the nose is too big. Certainly all those things can be addressed with rhinoplasty; It’s good to sit down and let your surgeon know what bothers you, what you expect, and what you’ll be happy with.

Usually, our philosophy is that the nose should look natural and should get out of the way of the other facial features; the nose shouldn’t be the central focus when somebody is looking at your photograph or you in person. So if it’s a large hump on the nose, we eliminate that and all of a sudden, your eyes pop out, and we want the eyes to be the central focus of your face in person, and in photographs. So, whether or not you are a candidate for rhinoplasty is something that bothers you and if it can be easily corrected with rhinoplasty, then you are a candidate for rhinoplasty. But make sure that you consult with different rhinoplasty surgeons, and get a feel that they are listening to you and have a natural artistic vision. We will carry out a procedure that will meet your goals and not their set standard cookie-cutter rhinoplasty. If you have any questions about rhinoplasty, then please feel free to contact us.

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