Fraxel Repair

Posted February 04, 2008 in Blog, Fraxel Laser Treatment, Uncategorized

There is a brand new laser treatment called Fraxel repair™. It was debuted at the American Academy of Dermatology last week in San Antonio, Texas. On January 31, 2008 an impressive demonstration was highlighted on NBC’s Today Show. The unique features of this treatment are that patients in their 30’s to 50’s can get face […]

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BBC Interview

Posted January 11, 2008 in Blog, Plastic Surgery in the News, Uncategorized

Let’s settle the Writer’s strike already. The BBC was by our office this week for an interview. (You can see the interview by copying and then pasting BBC correspondent Peter Bowes did a piece on how the strike is affecting business. With award season here, Hollywood’s A-listers can postpone their “touch-ups” before the Golden […]

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