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Voluma in Los Angeles is one of the most effective FDA approved facial fillers that reverses early signs of aging, giving a refreshed and young look. It’s a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure without any downtime. In the absence of incisions there’s no swelling and bruising. It is an injectable gel given deep within the sub-cutis layer of the skin and expands in volume after being administered, filling hollowed out facial features that are primary indicators of aging. It contours the face and the result of a complete treatment session last for about 2 years, one reason why Voluma in Los Angeles is often called a mini facelift. This is against a traditional facelift whose impact is visible over 7 to 10 years.

Only a trained and certified plastic surgeon can successfully carry out this procedure. It requires in depth knowledge of facial anatomy. The right doses must be given in accurate places to craft out a natural and symmetrical look. In the hands of an inexperienced surgeon, the facial nerves might be at risk. Dr. Michael Persky, MD, at Encino, CA is one such board certified surgeon who has effectively carried out numerous procedures with Voluma in Los Angeles. During an initial consultation with him for a mini facelift, ask for before and after photographs of his previous patients. You can immediately evaluate his expertise in this treatment.

Voluma offers greater lift to facial features than other facial fillers as it is extremely light in weight. It also expands after being injected thereby filling out the face quickly. The surgeon will usually massage the treated area to quicken this process and to ensure that it spreads evenly. Any bruising is treated with an ice-pack. There will be a degree of redness in the injected area which lasts only for a couple of days after which the patient can return to normal duties. Next time your mirror tells you that you need Plastic Surgery Los Angeles to turn back the clock, remember that Voluma in Los Angeles can do wonders for you without the pain and trauma of surgery.

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