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As stated by Dr. Persky, MD, Persky Sunder Facial Plastic Surgery, Encino:

Points from the Video:

00:05- Ulthera is micro-focused ultrasound treatment;

00:50- The second aspect of the ultrasound technology;

01:13- We control very small one millimeter hot area beneath the surface of the skin;

01:29- There are contraction and lifting after the ulthera procedure;

Ulthera is micro-focused ultrasound treatment and what that means is that with the ultrasound technology, we are able to see the levels of the skin that we want to lift and tighten. It is the only FDA approved lifting, tightening treatment for skin of the face and neck, and the eye brows, and it’s just recently been approved for the treatment of the décolleté. With ulthera, we are able to visualize the levels of the skin with an ultrasound screen and then, the second aspect of the ultrasound technology is that it emits ultrasound waves that meet at a point, and ultrasound waves when meet at a point, similar to sun rays that are condensed to a point by a magnifying glass become very hot; So, we are able to control a very small one millimetre hot area beneath the surface of the skin without affecting the other areas of the skin. This creates a micro burn which overtime heals and forms a lot of collagen. There is some immediate contraction and lifting after the ulthera procedure, but it’s really overtime; What we have seen over 6-9 months is continued improvement and rejuvenation of patient’s faces, necks and around the eye area.

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